XJ Series LED Strip Light 220V

Material: High-quality FPCB circuit board and environmentally friendly PVC layer, with high light transmittance, strong flexibility, good stability, electrical insulation and weather resistance.
Light source: high-quality LED SMD2835, with CRI >80, long life, consistent color temperature, up to 100lm/W for 10W version, high efficiency and energy saving.
Light distribution: with 120°beam angle and color tolerance ≤5.
Installation: Buckle fixed installation, easy to operate.
Cutting: Minimum cutting unit: 1 meters
Connection fittings: energy efficient, power factor>0.9, and 50 meters limited for one series circuit
Wire: High-quality copper core wire, with good strength and durability.
1. Protection rating: IP20; Indoor use only.
2. 50 meters limited for one series circuit
3. Ambient temperature: -25 ° to +40 °.
  • High-quality LED SMD2835, with CRI >80, long life
  • Large indoor concealed lighting area and some home scenes