XCAI Series LED Strip Light 12V

Material: Quality FPCB circuit board, flexible and stable, copper foil thickness > 2 ounces; High grade silica gel used, with good weather resistance and UV resistance, soft and easy to shape.
Light source: Superior SMD 2835 LED Chip with high luminous efficiency and long life; High CRI with true colours and natural lighting effects; Uniform colour temperature in different production batches.
Light distribution: 110˚ Beam Angle with even and soft light distribution
Installation: Buckle installation, easy to install; IP65 after waterproof treatment
Cutting: Minimum cutting unit: 1.8 cm
Heat dissipation : The heat dissipation coefficient of the silica gel material reaches 0.16~0.19w/mk, which ensures the heat dissipation of the lamp and the long life
Safety: Flame retardant rating reaches V0; 12V DC voltage
1, Ambient temperature range -25 ~ +50 °C
2, Excellent weather resistance and UV resistance, IP65 after waterproof treatment
3, 5 meters limited for one standard series circuit, 10 meters available with double-ended power supply
4, Minimum bending diameter: 6cm
5, When installation, do not pull the strip hard in case of resistance damage.
  • High-quality LED SMD2835, with CRI >80, long life
  • IP65 after waterproof treatment