UV Stick

Product Code – UVC Disinfection Light (HUV – 01)


1) Press power button to start the flashlight, press again to turn on UV light, Press third time to turn off the light.

2) Keep the distance 5-10cm for 10-20 seconds and repeat it for two or three times for better effect.

3) Insert the USB cable for charging and the red light indicates charging, light turns into green after charge completes.

4) UV light steriliser can work up to 3 hours after full charge.



1) This stick is indoor application product.

2) Strictly prohibited to use alcohol and other combustibles as solvents.


Voltage DC5V
Current <500mA
Weight 118g
Dimension 320*32.3*31.5mm
LED Model LED UV3535 6V, 2W, 9 pcs LED
LED Wavelength 270 – 280nm (UVC level)
Battery Li-Battery, 2000mA, Rechargeable
Disinfection ratio 99.90%