UV Germicidal Lamp

Product Code – KFR-SJ36


  1. Turn on the power button on the power cord.
  2. There are three timing functions: 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes.
  3. With remote control, the remote control distance is 5 metres.


  1. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp can eliminate virus, mite, mold, and odour.
  2. The recommended sterilisation time is 15 minutes in the kitchen and bathroom, 30 minutes in the living room, and 60 minutes in the dining room, office, and classroom.
  3. After sterilisation, please ventilate the space to disperse the bacteria and viruses to eliminate the odorous gas produced by death.
  4. During the operation of the UV lamp, please prevent people or animals from entering the disinfection place. If you need to stop working, you can press the remote control on / off button, and the lamp will stop working.


Power 36W/60W
Material ABS Casing
Light stand material Stainless Steel
Voltage AC110V / AC220V
Application area (m2) 36W – 40m2, 60W – 40-60m2
Certificate CE RoHS Report
Lamp size 140*440 mm