S-type LED Strip Light 12V

Material: Quality FPCB circuit board, flexible and stable
Light source: high-quality LED SMD2835, with CRI >80, long life, consistent color temperature, up to 100lm/W, high efficiency and energy saving.
Light distribution: with 120°beam angle and color tolerance ≤5.
Installation: Double – sided adhesive installation for bare board version; Bent positions need to be fixed by Hotmelts
Cutting: Minimum cutting unit: 5 cm
1. Do not bent the S-type strip light at the position of led chip or resistance elements, and 3-4mm away is necessary, otherwise the circuit will be damaged.
2. The S-type strip light cannot be bent repeatedly in one position, otherwise the copper foil of the circuit board will be broken.
3. When fixing the strip light, please keep objects such as glue (502), and hotmelts away from led chip in case of corrosion.
4. When installing the strip light, please do not press the led chip hard in case of damage
5. When using the strip light, pull out the appropriate amount in case of distorted and knotted for the rest
  • Consistent color temperature, up to 100lm/W
  • Bars, restaurants, barbecue shops, museums, etc.