Põnn Organic Fruit and yoghurt smoothie with biscuits 6+ 110g

Organic fruit and yoghurt smoothie with biscuits is made of only the best organically-grown raw products. Fruit and yoghurt smoothie is the great combination of sweet southern bananas, mango and raspberries. In addition to fruits, the product consists organic yoghurt and cookies. Also it does not contain sugar, salt or other additives.  We recommend it to babies starting from 6 months of age. All “Põnn” baby foods have been prepared in cooperation with paediatrician Reet Raukas.


organic banana puree (37%), organic mango puree (36%), organic yoghurt (15%), organic raspberry puree (10%), organic biscuits ( incl. wheat flour, butter, water) (2%).



Nutrition information per 100 g

  • energy 370 kJ / 88 kcal
  • fat 1,3 g, whereof saturated fat 0,8 g
  • carbohydrates 16 g, whereof sugars 11 g( contains naturally occurring sugars)
  • protein 1,3 g,
  • salt 0,01 g



Instructions for use

Recommended for babies from age of 6 months. Mix the product.
Packaging must not be heated in a microwave oven.
No need for warm-up.


Age 6+
Brand Põnn