Magnetic Series LED Fixed Strip


High-quality 2835 LED chipsets, pure light color, low light decay, color rendering index>
80, with good color temperature consistency, long life, stable and reliable.
Smaller voltage drop, not obvious brightness difference between lights  when connected in
Glass fiber substrate used, Fireproof,insulated, Anti-leakage, and with DC24V LED driver
used, safe and secure.
Convenient installation: attach the iron shelves with magnetic stripe, simple and easy to
Can be customized according to the length of the shelves.

① Input voltage: DC24V;
② The length of series connection shall not exceed 5m;
③ Protection rate: IP20, indoor used only;
④ This product does not contain LED drivers;
⑤ Using ambient temperature: -20° to 50°, without affecting the magnetism of the
light, and the aging test has been carried out, safe to use.

  • Magnetic stripe installation, simple and easy to operate.
  • For display box used