K3 Pro Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact measurement, avoids infection. High LCD display, 5 meter viewing distance. 0.1 second temperature measurement. Audio and visual fever warning.

  • Intelligent photosensitive sensing distance sensor, can be nail hooked/ bracket fixed
  • Counter range: 9999 times
  • Power supply mode: 4 AA battery/data cables
  • No need to connect to computer, support to review 30 sets of data
  • Support outdoor temperature measurement
  • 2.8 inch LCD display screen
  • Support IO signal output (switch/pulse signal)
  • Support alarm temperature setting
  • Support ultra-low power standby
  • Support backlight setting
  • Support volume adjustment, body storage, voice broadcast, connect to computer and other functions
  • Can be connected to USB power supply or 4 AA batteries