Hand Cleaner Machine

Product code : HPT-SNJSQO2

The hand cleaner uses ultrasonic atomization technology to disinfect the human hand. Hand into the spray room, infrared sensor induction, automatically spray for 10 seconds, the whole process is free of contact.


  1. Antibacterial Aerosolisation of Polymer- 10 second to form a full hand coverage, intelligent and humanised.
  2. Effective sterilisation, safety and hygiene- safe and non-stimulating, sterilisation rate as high as 99%.
  3. Non- wetting atomised hand- the surface area of the same dose of liquid spray increase 100 times and carry -on items
  4. Intelligent start stop, safe energy saving- infrared sensing, hand spray, timing off, moderate dosage, no contact and avoid cross infection.
  5. Large capacity, cost reduction- The capacity of the spray box is up to 1500ml, the cost is low and the use range is wide. It equivalent to 6 bottles of mineral water.
  6. Simple design, atmospheric appearance- small size, save space, easy and flexible installation, a variety space can be used.
  7. Internet of things technology- maintenance and management of mobile phones to timely access to disinfectant information reminders, to ensure continuity os operation.


Rated voltage: 12V

Sensing mode: Infrared

Product capacity: 1500ml

Sensing distance: 10cm

Body material: acrylic + cold

Product weight: 5kg