FX SERIES LED Torch Bulb 65W 85W

Plastic-clad Aluminium retardant materials, simple appearance and advanced heat sink system, to dissipate heat effectively, more compact and safer.
UV stabilised polycarbonate (PC) cover with soft and even light distribution
SMD LED Chip with high luminous efficiency and high CRI
Built-in long life LED driver, conversion rate up to 90%
Can be used with E40 lamp holders as a standalone unit or use in existing luminaires
90% energy consumption saving than incandescent lamp
Instant start and flicker free
Lifespan: 30000 hours
65W LED Torch Bulb, designed to replace 300W Incandescent lamp or 85W CFL;
85W LED Torch Bulb, designed to replace 400W Incandescent lamp or 105W CFL
  • 90% energy saving than incandescent lamp
  • High space spaces such as factories, workshops, and warehouses