Disinfection Robot

Product Code – AI – SRT301


1) UV+Spray disinfection .

2) Radar Scan.

3) 4G mode.

4) Software to start.

5) AI-Tech Robot.

6) Work interface and work path mapping.

7) Smart disinfection system.

8) Multi-mode disinfection.

9) Adjustable disinfection volumn.

10) Artificial intelligent voice control and AI communication ability.


1)This robot is indoor application product.

2) Strictly prohibited to use alcohol and other combustibles as solvents.


Maximum moving speed of chassis 0.5m/s
Robot height 120cm
Carrying capacity of chassis Maximum. 200kg
Diameter of mobile chassis (square plate) 636.4mm
Radar scanning range 636.4mm
Maximum drawing area 100m*100m
Radar maximum scanning radius 16m
Radar scan The radar itself is 360-degree omnidirectional, but there is a 60-degree blind zone (mechanical structure influence)
Navigation accuracy 10cm
Obstacle Avoidance Combination of Lidar, Ultrasound and HumanInfrared
Maximum capacity of disinfectant 15L
Power 36V/15A,21A.H Lithium battery
Sensor Sensors such as camera, ultrasonic, infrared, electricity, temperature, air quality, touch, quality sensor (detecting water volume)
Drive System Brushless DC motor
Router 4 wired 10/100M LAN ports, 1 wired 10/100M WAN port, support 4G and wireless relay mode